Friday, October 26, 2007

Who is responsible for the California Fires?

Are the fires in Southern California a result of terrorism as some on Fox News have suggested? Fox News quoted a 2003 FBI memo that alerted law enforcement agencies that an al-Qaeda terrorist being held in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States. Of course, "al Qaeda" is always the operative word when Fox refers to terrorism, but what if there is someone else behind these fires, someone who could clearly benefit from getting rid of problematic neighbors and getting big government contracts from disaster relief operations?

I recently got two emails that are pretty disturbing. The first one links to the National Terror Alert Response Center and is sourced from ChicoER (although ChicoER's link is now down). It describes suspicious activity by men with cameras visiting various Northern California Fire Stations and running off when detected. see

The second one is about the town of Potrero where the citizens were planning a major fight against Blackwater, the mercenary company that is planning to build a 824-acre facility in in their community. This article describes how the citizens of Potrero saw no firetrucks until long after their houses burned down, found all roads blocked, and heard no reverse 911 calls warning them to evacuate.

Obviously, we don't have enough information to come to any conclusions as to what this might mean, maybe we never will, but these are very suspicious stories that need some examination.

Here's the first story:

Posted on September 20th, 2007

During the last week of July, fire officials in the Bay Area city of Campbell reported that two men had been seen videotaping routine activities at a fire station.

The men were reportedly in their 20s or early 30s, and one was using a sophisticated news media-style camera.

When firefighters attempted to talk with the men, they reportedly jumped into a waiting car and sped off.

The incident prompted the Sacramento Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center to send out a request for Northern California fire stations to watch for similar incidents, and report them immediately.

The day the request went out, Sept. 6, a second, similar incident was reported at a fire station in Yuba City.

According to officials, a fire captain encountered two men parked outside the city’s main fire station. One of the men got out and allegedly began taking pictures of the fire station’s administration building. When the captain approached the men, to tell them they were in a no-parking zone, the photographer jumped in the vehicle and the men left.

The man who took the photos was described as being between 30 and 40 years of age.

On Sept. 12, Fresno Fire Department officials spotted two men in a vehicle allegedly observing activities at a fire training center. When questioned, the driver reportedly said they were just checking things out, then left immediately.

Two days later, on Sept. 14, personnel from the Sacramento Metro Fire Department noticed two men taking photos of a fire station. A third man sat in the back of a car, and appeared to be drawing or taking notes. When fire officials walked toward them, the two taking pictures jumped in the vehicle and sped away.

The men allegedly took pictures in front of the station, and in the rear. They ranged in age from late teens to about 60, officials recalled.

Tim Johnstone, a commander with the threat assessment center in Sacramento, said all of the incidents are being investigated, but there is no indication they might be related.

“We aren’t considering this a specific threat at this time; we’re just asking our public safety partners to be on the watch for suspicious activity,” he said.

He said the threat assessment center was formed to act as a collection point for homeland security intelligence, and disseminate it appropriately.

Jay Alan, deputy director of communication for the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is concerned about security agencies sharing information, and has made it a top priority.

Local officials said no suspicious incidents involving videotaping or photos have been reported at fire stations.

Fire department personnel are being asked to take note of vehicle descriptions, descriptions of suspicious subjects, and complete license plate numbers. Citizens who witness suspicious activity, near fire stations or elsewhere, should do the same, and report it to their local law enforcement agency.

Citizens should not attempt to contact suspicious individuals."

The second story is from award-winning journalist Miriam Raftery:
Potrero, California, the town that has gained national attention for standing up against Blackwater Worldwide's plan to build a private military-style training camp in their pristine backcountry community east of San Diego, now faces an even more formidable force. The Harris wildfire which began outside Potrero early Sunday morning has ravaged the small rural community, where many residents remain trapped without supplies four days after the fire began.

"It's like the Kalahari Desert as you drive down Potrero Valley Road. There are sand dunes everywhere-dirt and ash," Jan Hedlun reported via cell phone on Tuesday. "We can't get in or out, and we are running out of supplies." This morning, however, Hedlun said food will be provided to beleaguered residents at the old Volunteer Fire Department Building. The County recently began initiating its fire consolidation plan, closing some rural volunteer firefighting departments. But here in Potrero, some residents complained that they never saw a single fire engine until long after their homes burned down.

Stretches where homes once stood along Highway 94 have been reduced to wasteland. Many homes have burned, although the town's store, library, and Post Office are still standing. "There is looting going on up here," said Hedlun. Another source described Potrero as a "moonscape with houses here and there."

Many Potrero residents never received reverse 911 calls warning them to evacuate. Some rely on cell phones, which were not included in the evacuation system.

"It's like Armageddon," said Jill Michaels, who had just four minutes to pack belongings before fleeing flames that singed her husband. She and her family tried to evacuate but found all roads blocked. She returned to witness her Potrero home burn to the ground.

Here you can read the rest of the story:

So, as the people of Potrero were preparing for an intense recall election on December 11 to kick out the planning group who approved Blackwater's base this fire breaks loose and devastates their community. And, then we have an alert regarding the men filming fire stations in Northern California?

Do these two events connect in anyway?

Time and investigation may tell.

(And this just in: FEMA says sorry for faked briefing:
Three days after staging a televised news briefing defending its response to the California wildfires, FEMA apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.


C L I F Y L Q said...

Friday, October 26, 2007
Who is responsible for the California Fires?



redpill8 said...

Hi Clifylq,

I am not implying that Katrina and the fires in California should be compared as far as obvious racist component to what happened to the people of New Orleans. What I am saying is that maybe both events were made to happen for a purpose, which you imply as well. Many of the residents of New Orleans testified in front of Congress of hearing bombs going off at the levees. We do know that these fires in S. California were set on purpose too.

Besides the obvious pr that Bush and FEMA are hoping to get to make themselves look good, both events can be used to support as Naomi Klein describes it "disaster capitalism," — with the shock and devastation and displacement that comes after these major catastrophic events new inroads into privatization can happen.

This event might be a play to have Halliburton, Dyncorp or Blackwater try and open up the markets down there for rebuilding and security contracts. After all, now that the California National Guard are over there fighting for Bush's corporate buddies' profits, someones got to fill the vacuum and help rebuild.

We should watch this very closely.

Anonymous said...

maybe i am mistaken, but haven't there always been brush fires in that part of california?

It's the desert for god's sakes, when lightning strikes and sets something on fire, everything is going to burn really quickly, and with more and more people building homes in california because of the population increase there, it's no wonder that so many people's homes got burned.

They shouldn't have built them in brushfire country in the first place!

Anonymous said...

As America is transformed from an industrial titan to an impoverished nation of slaves, disorder must flourish. Disorder and destruction via fire, aerial spraying, currency devaluation, wearing down of our military, illegal immigration, food and water shortages, disease, etc..till we reach critical mass. Then the police boot will come down, HARD!

Anonymous said...

Blackwater just wanted to eliminate the 'enemy' to their plans for a quasi military base. I wonder how many of these homes were in danger of foreclosure and what banks would have had dangerous financial 'exposure'. Then the fake FEMA newsconference that the 'white house' says it doesn't do' and Fox's 'al qeada fires' claim make it disturbingly unsettling, especially when you add the FEMA 'trifecta' of disaster plans that included 9/11, Katrina, and 'earthquakes' in CA.

redpill8 said...

To anonymous #1,

The authorities have already said that most of the fires were the result of arson, not wildfires.

It would be nice to think that this was an act of God, but it wasn't. That area in So. Cal is a dangerous place for people to live, like in most of California. Arsonists took advantage of the hot, dry Santa Ana winds to create a disaster with full cognizance of what their actions would entail.

Anonymous said...

"They shouldn't have built them in brushfire country in the first place!"

Then you agree, it would be wrong for the federal government to finance the construction of a Blackwater facility there.

Indeed, if Blackwater is going to make such foolish decisions, maybe we shouldn't be contracting their services at all.

Anonymous said...

all but a few of you have a vivid,imagination,out there.

Kitchen Window Woman said...

I wrote a comment then lost it, Geez!

Thank you, Thank you, and thank you again for this post and letting me know about Miriam Raftery's article. I have just e-mailed the article to our fellow Vets For Peace as this is one of our issues. I was afraid of Blackwater doing this - they've been uncannily quiet of late. It looks as if we must remain vigilant on two fronts - the fires AND Blackwater!

I don't know what to make of the mystery men taking fire station photos. Strange.

Wanted to ask - did you go to the demonstration in SF yesterday? We had one planned here in SD but it was canceled because of the fires. Any news on the SF one?

Anonymous said...

Someone said they wished this was an act of God. Well, no matter who did it, it is still from God. HE said HE will destroy perfectly and use His elements upon the heathen and unrighteous. HE uses the evil beasts to punish the wicked. So at any rate...this is an act of God.

Anonymous said...


" "They shouldn't have built them in brushfire country in the first place!" "

"Then you agree, it would be wrong for the federal government to finance the construction of a Blackwater facility there."

Excellent point. Total waste of taxpayer money, if the facilities will need rebuilt once or twice per decade...


Caught this a little while ago, at this link:

" The first flames were sighted at 9:23 a.m. near Potrero, a dusty town north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Emergency crews answered the alarm bell quickly; the experts knew fire conditions couldn't have been worse.

Thomas Varshock got one look at the onrushing Harris fire and prepared to defend his home. He was dead before lunch, and his 15-year-old boy gravely injured. The fire crew sent to rescue them was engulfed by flames when the wind shifted. The Harris fire was out of control, and would be for days. "

Funny how all that mayhem seemed to start in Potrero...

Ken D. Webber said...

Another thing to consider is the housing crisis. There are people who are now desperate and have discovered ways to burn their house down for profit and escape their current dilema. Also think of who in the government benefits from situations like this as most of the "aid" is in the form of MORE LOANS. They make money off of suffering.

Anonymous said...

Recall Cramer saying "The Imperial Valley should be bulldozed." He is a tool of the financial elite. This whole country is corrupt beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

BTW fire won't help foreclosure, you will get the money to rebuild not money for the land, you will be more likely to foreclose.

redpill8 said...


Yes, I went to the SF march, though a little late, around 2 p.m., but what I did see was fantastic! Good energy and a very diverse crowd: young and old, black, brown, red and white. It was great to see so many out that day protesting the Bush Crime Family insanity. Here are some reports and pictures, Sorry you couldn't pull off the one in San Diego but that is understandable. Just glad to hear you are safe.

...Meadow Lassie, I would have a hard time believing God, if you believe in such a concept, would want to wreck so many innocent people's lives, unless, of course, he's that other God that the gnostics write about -- the Demiurge. Maybe He might get some satisfaction from this.

Anonymous said...

I'm a native San Diegan 58 years old. We left California six years ago because we saw the writing on the wall.

Fires during the Santa Ana weather condition were always a serious threat, but over the years, the problem has steadily become more and more serious.

Look at a map of the fires. There were 14 fires just to the east of San Diego that apparently broke out simultaneously. No fires in Mexico and no fires north of LA. Just a few fires in LA. It looks like San Diego was targeted, for whatever reason.

Coincidentally, this is exactly what happened in 2003. A whole series of fires all along the eastern perimeter of San Diego County broke out at the same time - and most of them where government agents were known to have been.

Former Mayor Roger Hedgecock does a radio program on KOGO, and the raw feed from real people gives a much different perspective than what you get from the major media: ineptness on the part of the government officials that turned what would have been a problem into a catastrophe.

It seems that since the 2003 fires, they have eliminated many of the fire fighting planes (to save money), quit cutting fire breaks, the officials who have to initiate a response don't work on weekends, have all sorts of bureaucratic rules, etc.

The American people are brainwashed against "conspiracy theories." Whenever a crime has been committed, or appears to have been committed, the police always ask the question: "Who benefits?"
Suspects are ranked according to who benefited the most.

The beneficiary of all these disasters is the state. "We need more people, more power and more money to protect the public" is always the response. Each disaster is bigger than the last. As the disaster developes, there is a stand down - never reported in the media. When will this end?

Anonymous said...

to anyone who thinks this is an act of "god" you are an idiot, that is just another easy crutch to lay on when there is something much different going on. If you can't explain it, it MUST'VE been god, what a cop-out. There are some things that are pretty obvious 1) this wasn't an act of god (there is none, get it through your heads you fundamentalist idiots) 2) this clearly had nothing to do with Al-CIA-duh (unless you mean the mossad/cia/ial queda and not the fabrication of the "liberal" (neo-con/zionist) media.) anything passed that is speculation, i could see it having something to do with those mercenary scumbags (blackwater) because that is all they known, murder and mayhem to continue their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Saving your house from wildfires

Words from Australia, land of bushfires: If you leave your home before the fire front arrives, its 99% sure your house WILL burn down. Small spot fires in gutters, eaves, etc will get the whole house going pretty quickly. Without anyone around to put them out, its gone.

However, when people stay and follow a simple fire fighting strategy, its 99% certain their house won't burn.
Here's how to do it.
Note: Assumes you are fit, and can stay calm and act fast and sensibly in emergencies, and have prepared.

1. Preparation: You MUST remove all combustibles, shrubbery, long grass, leaves, etc from around the house. Clean gutters, block downpipes, fill gutters with water. Be aware the power will probably fail, and possibly the water as well. If you can get a hand pumped backpack water spray (one for each person who will stay), do.
2. Fill buckets, drums, baths, etc with water, and place around and inside the house well beforehand (water supply may fail at the critical time, remember?) Tie old sacks or blanket portions firmly to end of broomsticks, leave soaking in water. These are to beat out spot fires. A large axe, mattock, sledge hammer, spade, etc can be useful - keep inside the house near door. A cloth mask that fits over your mouth and nose, that can be soaked in water to filter smoke. If you have snorkelling goggles, keep them handy too - smoke that would blind you is no problem with goggles on - for as long as you can hold your breath.
3. Close all windows, doors (unlocked), if possible block up gaps under floor. Remove combustibles from inside vicinity of windows (curtains etc) since these can catch fire just from intense radiant heat from outside. If you can board up windows, even better. If time, paint with reflective paint - white, silver, etc.)
4. As fire front approaches, if you can, hose down roof, walls, windows, and grass around house. Forget about trying to save your garden, outbuildings, etc - you can't. If there is a lot of nearby fuel, and strong winds, best to hose down *inside* the house too. Damp belongings better than burnt belongings. At this point get your breathing mask, etc ready, and SOAK YOUR CLOTHES AND HAIR. Seriously - you want to be dripping wet. Just do it. Long pants and shirt - cotton or wool, not synthetics. Cloth that holds as much water as possible. Solid leather boots and gloves. Wet them too.
5. When fire front arrives (spot fires, trees near your house begin to ignite), go inside. Stay away from windows, keep all doors closed. You CANNOT stay outside during the 10 to 15 minutes of peak radiant heat. But your house will take longer than this to get burning. Use buckets, wet beaters, etc, to put out any fires that start inside. In the vicinity of the fire front the oxygen content of the air outside can get very low (another reason to stay inside - your sealed house has enough air to keep you OK for the critical few minutes.) If windows break, close off that room, retreat to hall.
6. As soon as conditions outside are tollerable again (see Risks below), get outside and do a rapid circuit of the building, evaluating threat priorities. You may need to just leave some small fires burning, while you deal with more critical ones. Use the wet beaters, save your water buckets unless absolutely needed. Use water or beaters on the *source* of the flames (the burning fuel), don't waste effort on the flames. Any fire that looks like it could get a foothold in the inner structure of the house is most urgent. Don't be afraid to smash open walls, etc if required. If there are large fires nearby, you may find that you can't take the radiant heat for more than a few moments, and have to repeatedly retreat to inside the house. This is why the soaked clothes, etc - it gives you longer outside. Keep re-soaking yourself, don't let anything dry out.
7. If the house does get burning too much for you to deal with, by now the surrounding fires have likely burnt out enough that you can walk away from your house safely. If you have managed to stop it from burning, whatever you do, *don't* leave it now. Stay with it until all nearby fires are well out, and there are no more wind-borne embers falling. Keep checking for small spot fires - any of which can still burn your house down if not dealt with.

Flare-ups and flame direction changes
During intense fires the local wind conditions get very unpredictable and powerful. The fire makes its own turbulent winds. One big risk to you is that columns of flame (say, from burning woodheaps, sheds, etc) can go from rising vertically one moment, to horizontal along the ground in a strong wind gust the next. Simple rule - observe how high the flames are going, and stay at least twice that distance away from the flame source. You do not want to be the moth in the horizontal blowtorch flame. Note that this rule implies you MUST NOT let yourself be caught out in the open in wooded areas by the fire front - which can approach at faster than the wind speed in high intensity fires. This is how most forest fire fighter fatalities occur - caught in open, plus sudden shift of flame direction, by fire-front that surrounded them in seconds.

Radiant heat
In intense fires where there is a lot of fuel on the ground and trees are igniting, fire propagation is via a front of radiant heat, that ignites (explodes is a better description) trees in series. When all the foliage on a tree is flash heated and bursts into flame at once, the radiant heat output is immense - enough to set fire in the same way to adjacent trees, ground litter, and even weatherboard walls. Personal exposure to this kind of heat will result in disablement and death. BUT... at any given spot in a forest or brushfire, the peak of radiant heat will only last a few minutes - usually less than five. Almost any shelter that completely covers your body, has reasonable heat-absorbing mass (walls, wet blankets, etc) and shields you from wind-blown flames will be sufficient. Note that vehicles are not good as shelters - thin metal skins heat up too quickly, everywhere inside is too exposed via the windows, and everything in the car will burn quickly, plus generate toxic fumes.

Suffocation, smoke blinding, panic
Around the fire front the air can be unbreathable for minutes at a time - choking smoke, and/or reduced oxygen levels. Smoke may also be too thick to see anything through. If you are outside the contained air in a building in this interval, you can lose consciousness, or be incapacitated by coughing, blinded eyes or poor visibility, lose your orientation, and/or become panicked. Any of these can kill you, since you may then be caught exposed to the flames and heat. This is why you must stay inside the building till the outside fire peak is over. If the building is catching fire too, thats too bad. Just close doors to the burning rooms, and wait just inside the best door to exit, for as long as possible.

Underground burning cavities
Many people are unaware of one big risk after forest fires. Large tree roots and stumps can remain burning close under the surface of the ground for days afterwards. Its possible to be walking along, and the ground to give way under your foot, dropping a leg into a red hot furnace. Its best to NOT go walking in recently burnt out forest areas.

Emergency shelter
If trapped away from buildings, in bushland/forest by a strong fire, your options are limited. You must either;
* Find something underground- a fully enclosed cave, or deep crevice in rocks. In urban areas or along roads, stormwater drains or culverts can suffice.
* Find a pool or watercourse where you can fully immerse yourelf. As far from combustibles as possible, to minimise chances of losing consciousness from smoke/oxygen depletion during the fire peak.
* Find a large open area, at least several hundred feet diameter, with little burnable ground cover. Stay low, in the center. Cover yourself with whatever you can. If the ground is sandy, dig in.
* Failing those, your only fallback is to backburn a clearing for yourself. Only do this as a last, lifesaving resort.

Given that the local authorities are likely to try and forcefully evacuate you (thus virtually guaranteeing your house will burn down), one has to count them as perhaps the greatest threat you'll face. I've actually had the experience of helping save a neighbour's home situated in bushland, where both of us had to evade the 'fire brigade' *and* local military forces deployed to evacuate residents. They came to the property long before the fire arrived, took away everyone they found, then left. Not wanting to risk getting their nice shiny fire truck singed or dirty. He'd hidden nearby, and I arrived (via the riverside bush, not the road) just before the fire front. As described above - barrels of water around the house, wet-sack beaters, soaked clothes, stay inside house during the peak, then get out and fight... And despite there being lots of neaby combustibles (very spectacular), the old, rambling wooden house was saved. The 'firebrigade' returned on their still shiny truck about 45 minutes later (when it was 'safe' for them) and made a show of hosing down a nearly burnt-to-the-ground pergola nearby. Thanks a lot, heros.

So, with this in mind, what you need is a good hiding spot. When it looks like the authorities will show up, hide. Have any household members who can't help firefight leave with the authorities, and say there's no one else home. If you are alone, or everyone is staying, decide whether to leave your house locked up or open, depending on what kind of arseholes your local police/etc are. Would they break down doors to 'check no one is home'? Your call. Be aware that in some circumstances, these 'friendly local authorities' may actually *want* your home burnt down, in which case its best they don't see your preparations to stay and firefight. Once the fire approaches, these cowards will be gone. You might consider, if you have any doubts about the motivations of your public officials, secretly videotaping their actions while on your property. Who knows - maybe they try to make *sure* your place burns down? In which case you'd be justified in shooting them, if you are armed. And a video of their actions on youtube would be a useful warning to others, not to mention for your own defense.

In general, as is usual in these days of government gone haywire, you are on your own. Those who you should be able to count on for help, are more likely to be your active enemy.


Palmetto Bug said...

i don't know why these hillbillies are trying to blame us communists for the capitalist's private armies. Blackwater, halliburton, texaco all war profiteering capitalist parasites! We communists are the ones who are trying to prevent the privatizing of our nation and the enslaving of the masses! So just to clear it all up... It's the evil capitalists... Not the communists...

Anonymous said...

Blackwater has plenty of money, they could build their facilities anywhere.

Now, an loose cannon SEAL with a house in Coronado might not appreciate driving that far....

Anonymous said...

is it possible the fires were started by Blackwater opponents? just asking, so please, no attacks. i'm an opponent as well.
may be more likely Blackwater was clearing brush.
were there thunderstorms that day in any of these locations? if not then arson is the ONLY explanation.

Anonymous said...

California fires was an inside job planned by blackwater!!! WOW now im really insane. Lets just forget about the people who are just pyro freaks that get off on this kind of bull.

Comrade Jordan, SHUT UP! get over your labels. what makes you think our country isnt communist? Well you should recheck that. We actually run like a communist governement but our masters dont call it communisim, they call it state-capitalism.

Anonymous said...

The fires in those hills date back in records 200 years. The plants are designed to require fire in order to seed. The trouble is modern Americans refuse to build homes that are made to the environment - such as houses with steel roofs and fireproof sides with windows with steel shutters. The Incas designed buildings in the Andes that could withstand quakes. But most people in the world never try to figure out what their environment requires.

Anonymous said...

Sun, 28 Oct 2007 17:47:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: info about fires
To: "kentstar"

after everything is burned

look to who REBUILDS the area

to find out who DONE it

that is perhaps, the best truth ...

i wonder who is rebuilding the areas

of greece, that were burnt last year

IT'S all SICK !!!


Anonymous said...

International Bankers.

They control everything and everyone.
Black-water, Halliburton, FEMA, Homeland Security are all tools of the Neo-Conservatives to kill, conquer and control.

The International Bankers are the ones orchestrating the Nooses being hung all over the East coast to separate the black and white folk, the fires... everything is planned and strategically executed to kill, conquer and control.

This Country is going down fast. Chertoff is going to treat all Americans as Enemy Combatants and is probably looking forward to probing everyones ass personally. Sic Man from Hell. Did everyone know his mommy was the first woman Mossad Agent ever! She must have taught him a lot. Especially how to hate white & black non-jews.

Yep we are goin down the shitter. Bush is going to start WW3 - Black water will do massive killings, Homeland security is going to sexually rape and abuse all American Men and Women and then torture them for fun and then the remaining survivors will be slaves to the International Bankers.



Anonymous said...

Blackwater may have started the fire, however, it seems like the fires spread because the CA National Guard and their heavy equipment are over in Iraq. Poor infrastructure killing our citizens, yet another infringement on our rights by the gov't. Add it to the ever-growing list of violations:
They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon.
They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov't.
Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this great country.

Anonymous said..., The site that was trying to stop Blackwater in Potrero has been taken down. it doesn't exist anymore. Anyone think this is a wee bit suspicious?

redpill8 said...

Dear Anon,

The link has been corrected. It is not Must have been a Fraudian slip on my part. Thanks for catching this.

nunya said...

The Perfect Drought

And for the doofball who said people in CA shouldn't build here, there are no natural disasters that might befall you?

How about your state economy, how is it doing?

California is paying more to the federal system than it receives in direct monetary benefits

California is responsible for 17% of the United States' gross domestic product (GDP).

if California were an independent nation, it would have had the tenth largest economy in the world in 2005.[10]

nunya said...

MMM, TerraHertz, what's the Aussie name for Santa Ana winds? Some of these houses went up in 70 seconds.

Anonymous said...

When high profile Pat Tilman was going to come home & host press conferences against the War, his duty was extended & was sent to Afghanistan. With no friendly fire he was assignated by 3 hits to the forhead. I smell Blackwater here.

New Orleans numerous reports of the levies being blown and it was after the hight of the storm. Blackwater is made up of Seals, Snipers & Special Forces. They would have demolition training.
I smell Blackwater here too.

A small town is going for a recall election & to stop Blackwater from having a Mercenary Training Base in there back yard. It sure is real convient for Blackwater that area was destroyed first and the roads were blocked so no one could get in or out till after the area was burnt out. Humm Blackwaters problem is solved.

The NeoCon Thugs (as any criminal organization) has to have their criminal Muscle. That Muscle is Blackwater. UTube had videos of Blackwater indiscrinetly shooting Civilians in Iraq. They were laughing saying 'This is a F***ing Turkey Shoot'. Checking out all the Fire Departments (video etc)is an interesting Development. Is there a posibility that Fire Department Services are being considered for out sorcing the services, & a company like Blackwater is doing research for the contract? I wouldn't rule out something more sinister though.

reb said...

Given the over 800 fires in CA currently (summer 08), I was wondering about your article when I heard of a man who claimed to have seen a flare fall from the sky and called 911. The operator told him he was the 86th call reporting a flare falling and said there is suspicion of flares being dropped from planes starting some of the fires, some are from lightening, but how many?

Anonymous said...

Burning off the Excess

These ‘wild’fires are just so convenient to burn off the excess housing inventory, aren’t they?

Purposely set, arsonous fires to remove the housing excess thus allowing bankers and the rich to continue their endless profit-making.

Hiring wrecking crews costs money while wildfires are cheap to set and the Federal government will reimburse the State government once a disaster has been declared.

It’s just so damned convenient, isn’t it?

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