Monday, June 23, 2008

Weather by design

Regarding the bizarre weather that has been devastating some of the most agriculturally productive areas in the world in the last few months we might want to consider that perhaps the strange weather is not just the result of: 1. "Global warming," the most popular explanation for almost all bad weather; 2. God's wrath against his disobedient, insolent children, a favorite of Pat Robertson and Louis Farrahkan and their ilk; or even; 3. a bout of inclement weather no particular fault of anybody, divine or otherwise.

I know what your saying, but what else can explain the strange, destructive weather if not for one of these three things?

How about environmental modification, or ENMOD for short?

I bring this up because about two months ago I got an email from award-winning journalist Keith Harmon Snow on this topic. His email came shortly after Myanmar (Burma) was hit by a massive cyclone that devastated a huge swath of its rice bowl region and killed an estimated 25,000 people. He was responding to others who had written to him asking him if he had thought that weather modification had somehow played a role in the catastrophe. Here's what he wrote:

"[I] Just want to share that I believe the "cyclone" that hit Burma (Myanmar) was quite likely a product of U.S. military programs in weather warfare. I would assign the likelihood of that a 75 to 90% probability -- that the Pentagon "modified" the storm center (as they clearly know how to do)."

Now, that's quite a statement, and we may want to ask why we should give any credence to Mr. Snow's comments. Well, for one thing Snow has researched and written extensively about weather modification for many years. He was one of the earliest journalist to tackle this hidden technology, and, most importantly, he was once also an insider. In the 80's he worked on classified programs for the Strategic Defense Initiative program at GE Aerospace Electronics Laboratories. You will find his research carefully documented and cited. You can read his very comprehensive articles on weather modification on his website:

Snow writes in Out of the Blue: The invisible U.S. military offensives in weather as a weapon":

"Adherents of weather warfare prefer to call it “environmental modification” – or ENMOD. The corporate media has reported almost nothing about these aerospace and defense programs. Global climatic mayhem is here, and it is happening now. On top of all this is the permanent state of war perpetuated by multinational corporations and their agents in western governments. Behind this threshold of climate chaos the military is manipulating our weather."

So, you might be asking, is there any evidence that the military really is manipulating the weather? Well, we have the militaries' own documents that prove they are working on such projects and have actually used them in the field. Recently this document "Non Lethal Warfare Proposal" surfaced from a FOI request and was reported in Wired magazine. It describes a proposal from the Navy's China Lake Research Center for more ENMOD research and development. Under the subhead "Capability & Uses" the Navy advocates using weather modification for these stated purposes:

1: To impede or deny the movement of personnel and material because of rains - floods, snow-blizzards, etc. and

2: To disrupt economy due to the effect of floods, droughts, etc.

And, here the document spells out the success of the militaries' weather modification program going way back to the Vietnam era:

"By way of background, weather modification was used successfully in Viet Nam to (among other things) hinder and impede the movement of personnel and material from North Viet Nam to South Viet Nam."

So, here the military acknowledges that weather modification is part of military strategy and that they have used it successful in the field of operation.

But besides military applications, could there be other possible motives behind this program? Here Snow postulates:

"Destabilization and access are the motives. High profits for the AID (misery) industry. Access BY the misery industry allows the intelligence apparatus to penetrate deeper and with this the defense apparatus. Destabilization promotes popular disconent and offers countless opportunities for the WEST to manipulate and benefit from popular discontent (with the "regime"). More leverage against CHINA. And then there is a really simple one: The military gets to see its technologies in use, to prove and further refine and validate them.

I would also like to submit that besides these motives there are a great deal of profits to be made in the world's trading floors from such technology. Ever hear of weather and commodities derivatives? These speculative trading schemes could only be possible in the Vegas-like system that we call western capitalism. When one plays in derivatives, traders can take a position that corn or rice, or even rainfall levels, will be below or above a certain "strike" price at some specified time in the future. Depending on whether the stock goes down or up on that date (the "put" or "call" option) the trader can profit mightily as it is only required that he put up only 10% on the value of the option. You might recall that a great deal of put options were placed around 9/11 betting that certain airline stock would fall, making some individuals very rich.

Could the elite be gaming the system by using this quiet warfare on us all for strategic purposes and for profits? Oh, I know, I am are going down the rabbit hole again with this one, but this blog isn't called Redpill 8 for no reason. (If you consider yourself a respectable person who worries about their perceived reputation you shouldn't linger around these pages for fear of getting called a nutcase, or worse.)

Today's technology has advanced at such and astonishing rate that one wonders how far ENMOD has evolved since Operation Popeye days. If it is anything like the recent advances in biotechnology and nanotechnology we should be very aware and leery of this technology. In the wrong hands it is anything but "non-lethal," and if it is being used we need some whistle blowers brave enough to expose it.

The fact that the media won't talk about this technology but would rather focus on Britney Spear's drinking binges and Obama's ministers doesn't make ENMOD any less unreal, it just means it is much more effectively covered up.

Progressive organizations are also missing the boat on this and refuse to acknowledge the existence of such programs, preferring once again to parrot the official narrative -- that global warming is due to man's carbon omissions and we are all to blame. But are we all?

I think Snow says it best later in his email:

"What the military learned long ago was that global climate mayhem offers the perfect camouflage, the perfect cover for militrary adventuraism (devastation) in weather warfare. As long as people are complaining about how we need to address global climate change and not talking about weather warfare technologies and weather as a weapon programs we are involved in an exercise in futility."

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