Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Checkmate: Killing us softly with bioweapons?

From The Aspen Institute about Lynda Resnick and her husband Stewart Resnick:

"Lynda Resnick began her business career at the age of 19, when she founded a full-service advertising agency. Other successful ventures throughout her career include corporate management, marketing, product development, and most recently, writing. She and her husband Stewart are passionate about all things healthy and Resnick is behind the marketing success of brands such as POM Wonderful, Fiji Water and Teleflora."

"Passionate about all things healthy." Maybe the Resnicks should tell that to the hundreds of people from the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas that have signed affidavits stating that their product, Checkmate (Checkmate OLR-F and Checkmate LBAM-F) got them sick, many seriously, when they were sprayed against their wishes last year.

Even with these affidavits and massive public outcry, high-profile lawsuits and city resolutions demanding an end to the spraying, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Homeland Security, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Resnicks have decided to use Californians as guinea pigs for this untested, un-approved by EPA, biochemical to see if it will eradicate the light brown apple moth (LBAM).


According to the CDFA they have to spray because there is potentially millions of dollars in damage that might occur to state crops due to LBAM.

That's right, the state has declared a emergency and the right to spray Californians with a product that has carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductively harmful ingredients (see Aerial Spraying for the Brown Apple Moth to Resume) based on a possibility that there MIGHT be damage to crops in the near future by this moth.

What this amounts to is that they want to preemptively take out a potential threat before it's established that it is a threat at all. Doesn't this scenario sound familiar? Weren't we told that we had to go into Iraq because we had to act preemptively to take out Saddam's WMD program before he unleashed a mushroom cloud on some American city? How is the LBAM spraying program any different?

One missing ingredient in the PR campaign is that we didn't have the dazzling pyrotechnic display of 9/11 to get our blood boiling for vengence. Maybe if the state promoted this innocuous little bug as "Mothra" like one paper factiously did, they could sell this campaign to a skeptical Californian public.

However, LBAM is no Mothra and even the CDFA acknowledges this, stating that so far LBAM has not done any damage to crops. This is significant because according to James Carey, professor of entomology at UC Davis the moth has likely been in California for decades.

So, why the urgent rush to spray an untested, un-approved pesticide on children, grandmothers and people with auto-immune and respiratory problems? What form of insanity could explain such irrational, immoral behaviour?

There are many theories out there as to why the rush to spray. The most commonly heard theory (one held by both sides of the issue) is that this is all about protecting the interests of state's multi-million dollar agro-business, which is also the official narrative as well. And there is some validity to this point as the LBAM threat is already hurting local agriculture due to import restrictions by Canada and Mexico on the LBAM. But, this just constitutes a threat to the economy by bureaucratic fiat based on irrational fears, not because of some real threat.

Another theory being bandied about is that this spraying is about cronyism and political favoritism. The Resnicks are the owners of Suterra, the company that manufacturers Checkmate, and are among the top 100 campaign contributors to Governor Schwarzenegger, having donated to his coffers an estimated $144,000. It is believed that Resnick will be getting something in the tune of $75,000,000 if the spray program goes through.

So, is the rush to spray just an example of Schwartzenegger giving political/economic favors to his friends? A quid pro quo of the most prosaic kind?

Perhaps, but maybe we should venture outside pandora' s box into unchartered territory, or maybe we should call it "terror"tory, as that is what the elite do -- create threats -- real and imagined -- trump up the fear (anti-spray activists say that state (company?) goons were coming to the meetings and threatening the audience with visions of massive food shortages should there be no spraying), and then reap the benefits after they provide the solutions. The old Hegelian dialectic at play and we are all pawns in their game. (Perhaps this is the real reason for the name "Checkmate".)

In the mindset of the elite any crackpot, criminal and psychopathic idea is fair game to contemplate and apply in their Machiavellian worldview, including exposing civilians to biological and chemical weapons, as can be demonstrated countless times in U.S. history (see Humans Used as Guinea Pigs By US Government and Military). Recently Salon.com exposed an Army-run bioweapons exercise in Dead or Alive? in which the Army tried to cover-up the fact that they were using a live bacteria, bacillus subtilis, on unwitting civilians.

So, is it out of the question to ponder if this spraying campaign could have a more sinister agenda to it? After all, the American eugenics movement was funded by major American foundations, foundations that today are major supporters of population control programs. Can we rule out this possibility? ("Here is a good summary of an evil "whitewashed" out of our history books Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection)

This brings us to the Resnicks and The Aspen Institute, to which both husband and wife are members. Other notables members include Madeleine Albright, Richard Armitage, Prince Bandar bin Abdul Aziz, and Brent Scowcroft, just to name a few of the many political movers and shakers in the organization. (see list)

It is significant that Brent Scowcroft is on the list as he is the author of the secret (now declassified) paper NSSM 200, "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests," which provided insight into U.S. government plans for population reduction internationally. He linked these plans to goals that have very little to do with alleviating human suffering, and everything to do with the maximization of profit.

And, who can forget ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's quote about the death of more than a half million Iraqi children due to U.S. sanctions: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- we think the price is worth it." (60 Minutes, 5/12/96)

Worth it to whom, Madeline? Your New World Order overlords?

Besides having such unsavory membership, the Aspen Institute is also principally funded by Rockefeller and Carnegie foundation money (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspen_Institute), which were two of the mayor funders in the eugenics movements in the U.S. and Nazi Germany, and today big supporters of population control programs.

So,this brings us back to that unsavory third hypothesis. Could the LBAM spray program just be a cover for some sinister eugenics or depopulation program? After all, why is the spraying slatted to happen in heavily populated urban areas? Cities to be sprayed this summer are San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, San Leandro, Tiberon, and other heavily-populated Bay Area communities -- communities that one would not in any stretch of the imagination be called agricultural lands (though one might call them unfriendly to our global overlords). Since these moths have a mobility range of 20 to 40 yards it is a patently absurd notion that they have to spray urban communities to protect agricultural crops.

Anti-spray activist and Santa Cruz resident, Rami Nagel, speculates on this theory as well. He writes:

"Apparently the CDFA or the USDA, or both, decided that the previous chemical formulas used, Checkmate LBAM-F and Checkmate OLR-F were not good enough, which really points to the fact that the past two aerial sprays in Monterey, and the one in Santa Cruz County, were a waste of time and money. Not to mention the tragedy of the many severe health reactions experienced by thousands of people from chemical exposure. It doesn't matter to those in charge at the CDFA, EPA, or USDA, if a new chemical is needed to be used, because the goal is not to stop the moth, the moth cannot be stopped, it can only be controlled. This is known. The goal may be to coat people with a toxic mesh of disease causing microcapsules.

The chemicals that were sprayed, and that are planned on being sprayed, have not undergone thorough safety evaluations. And they won't undergo such evaluations in a legitimate way, because if they did, they would prove only one thing - that these chemicals are potentially deadly.

The chemicals planned to be sprayed will no doubt be similar to the ones used in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in 2007. They are a plastic encapsulated microtechnology, a microscopic plastic dust. The reported microcapsule size of the aerial mating disrupter is as small as 10 microns and averages 25-35 microns in size for an undeployed moth spray. For comparison, a human hair is approximately 70 microns in thickness. The size of these chemical containing plastic balls comes suspiciously close to micro-sized particles that are used to evade the body's defensive systems for biological weapons, those are reported to be 3-4 microns in size. Miniature particles between 2.5-10 microns in size, especially from pesticides, are known to cause both short term and long term health effects, including decreased overall life span."

-- Plan To Spray Toxic Biological Chemicals Over San Francisco Announced

Okay, so maybe Rumi and this author might be a little paranoid, but why shouldn't we speculate on the motives of this program? After all there is a history in this country of secret biological warfare programs carried out on unsuspecting Americans.

It's unpalatable, but plausible.

But, even if we choose to less conspiratorial but conventional in our thinking all we have to do is look at the stupid and criminal spraying of DDT, Agent Orange and Malathion to know that these spray campaigns can have disastrous results.

There is also the question of the legality and the the will of the people being subverted. To quote Rami Nagel:

"This aerial spraying violates several state, federal and international laws. It violates the right to personal safety given by the California State Constitution, the very document that creates the California government. It violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects people with chemical sensitivities and other disabilities from discrimination. It violates the Federal constitutional right to personal liberty. It violates the EPA’s laws against spraying pesticides on people. It violates human rights laws that say that human experimentation without consent is unethical and immoral. It violates criminal laws that claim it is a crime to poison children, or anyone else. It violates pollution laws to spray a toxic substance over plants, animals, and waterways. It violates laws against organized crime and it violates the very tenants of our democracy; a system of government designed to represent the people, not to poison the people to represent private agri-business interests."

--- Governor Schwarzenegger Backs Aerial Biochemical Spraying That Harms Children

What this spraying program constitutes is a de facto biological weapons program against the people of California. And, if they can get away with it here you can bet it will be open warfare on the rest of the country. It is imperative that Californians stop it now.

Here are some thing you can do to stop the spraying.

Ask your congressmember to support A.B. 2892 Voter Consent by Assemblymember Sandre Swanson (Oakland, Alameda, Piedmont). A.B. 2892 would require the secretary of Food and Agriculture to obtain the consent of two-thirds of the registered voters of the cities and counties affected by applications of pesticide if the pest eradication zone includes any urban areas.

You can also boycott all products from Resnick-owned companies. Products include Paramount Agribusiness, POM Wonderful, Teleflora, FIJI Water, as well as the Franklin Mint.

And, definitely call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office (ask to leave a message for his wife, Maria Schriver, too) to demand an end to the spraying: 916-445-2841 (press #1m #5, #0)

For more information and to get involved, see:

"True Accounts of the LBAM Aerial Spraying"