Sunday, September 9, 2007

9/11 Truth Protesters Disrupt Fox News Programing

Oh, it doesn't get any better than this!

Media activist and 9/11 truther Alex Jones was arrested after he and and a large group of citizens showed up on Fox News' doorstep and disrupted Geraldo Rivera and his "cookie cooking" news analysis with signs and chants that "9/11 was an inside job!"

Presstitute Geraldo Rivera, ruffled and indignant, went into macho mode with "I wish I could..." shaking his fist in the air, implying that he would love to just whack one of the protesters. He also starts calling them everything under the book from "anarchists," "misfits," "nutjobs," "rabble," and the "least attractive group of demonstrators I have ever seen." Ouch! Now that really hurts! (I guess we can't compete with Kyla and the Fox News staff with their little white mini skirts and hooter tops).

Here Geraldo calls the demonstrators everything except what they really are -- citizens who want to get their censored message out.

He even says in one clip that the demonstrators are an "activists radical communist group. I don't know who they are." Geraldo, if you call yourself a real journalist wouldn't it be incumbent for you to bring the microphone out in the crowd and ask them who they are?

Later, after the police come to arrest Alex, Geraldo ask Hooters' waitress Kyla Ebbert (who was escorted off of a Southwest plane for her "provocative" outfit) how she likes New York.

Kyla, "I think I will come back when things calm down in in a few years."

Geraldo "I am not sure of that."

That's right Geraldo, that is the one thing you got right that night. We won't be calm or quiet.

(UPDATE: According to the Philadelphia Inquirer Michael Rivera said that he is has decided to trade in his microphone and run for the Knesset (reported Sept. 16, 2007). He is also quoted as saying that "I would die for Israel."

Asked in the Inquirer:

"And what would he do if elected to the Knesset?

'I would cause a fuss, and every day I would attack someone else,' he said."

And, how would that bring about peace between Israel and Palestine, Geraldo?),7340,L-3223928,00.html

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Winter Patriot said...

Good stuff. I'm glad you've been covering this.