Friday, July 13, 2007

Reclaiming the Truth and Your Freedom

My apologies for not leaving a note before I left for South America (in case any of you were wondering why my blog has seen no postings in the last four weeks). I had decided to drop out from the blogisphere to escape the constant assaults upon my psyche by the powers that be who, like mosquitos, were drawing too much blood while injecting me with their poisonous lies. I had had enough and decided to flee to higher altitudes where they did not swarm. I would highly recommend it.

I spent the last few weeks in some of the most beautiful parts of the world listening to beautiful music, hiking with friends, and getting lost in the Andes. Towards the end of my trip I had the good fortune to meet a man who invited me to a "moon" ceremony held by some local shamans. I didn't know what the ceremony would entail, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience something truly different.

The ceremonial house was located in the mountainous heights that surround Cusco in Peru, the navel of the world according to the Incas, and was nothing so much as a shed with various musical instruments and art hung up on the walls. We sat under blankets for the cold and drank ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew from the vine Banisteriopsis. Later we turned off the lights and the shamans started singing to Inti, the sun god, and Pachamama, the earth mother. Their chants made the air vibrate and shook my body and soul. I imagined myself as a mountain and felt truly connected to the world.

Many years ago I read a book called "The Cosmic Serpent," by Jeremy Narby, that describes the use of ayahausca by shamans in Amazon. The book mentions how shamans use the brew to see visions, heal, and divine the future. Narby claimed that shamans on this drug can "talk" with plants by reading their genetic "language". He also spoke of how they saw the unity of all living things, from trees and the plants to human beings.

Now, I know that many of you are wondering why I am bringing up this metaphysical stuff, especially since this is a political blog. What do these ideas have to do with anything related to our present day world and experiences?

I can explain...I think.

Somewhere down the line most of us in the west have been indoctrinated to the idea of separateness, which was probably a creation by those Machiavellians on the pulpit and rostrum who have sought to control man and society by creating convenient delusions and divisions that keep us forever focused on distractions -- us against them, good versus evil, white versus black, Islam versus Christianity, Democrats versus Republicans, etc.

Such concepts of separation were probably born out a false religious doctrine that says that mankind is not of the world but are uniquely created in the image and temperament of a bearded, vengeful God who went about smiting other unfavored actors of his creation and sanctioning man to used the environment as his personal toilet. Yes, it makes absolute sense because, by golly, the pope says it's so, and as God's ordained mouthpiece for humanity we had better go along... or else.

And, we are not off the hook in this thinking just because we are not religious; even if we are part of that 17 percent of the population who does not buy the idea of a personal savior, many of us still fall under the spell of the religion of the state, where the doctrine and dogma can be just as ridiculous and pernicious.

Is it real or is it Al Queda?

One of those things that travelers cannot help but notice is that airplanes, like time machines, not only transport one to different locations but to very different realities as well. Coming from the diametrically-opposed worlds of Cusco to LAX airport was like coming from a beautifully magical Federico Fellini film, to a gritty, sad Quentin Tarantino one: corralled off in one corner of the airport, fresh-faced Marine recruits still in their street clothes were getting the lowdown by Marines in dress blue, telling them that their lives are now to be forfeit for the next world crusade against Islam -- but, conveniently, not the whims of state capitalism. I shook my head at the new recruits mouthing the words "don't go" as a disembodied woman's voice admonished passengers to be vigilant of their bags or get them confiscated by TSA personnel.

In this new reality your shoes are now suspect and need to be to examined in case they're wired to blow. My reality was transformed over night to one of bliss and peace to anxiety and fear.

Welcome to Orwell's Oceania.

So, why would the new Marine recruit feel a need to leave the wonderful world of America, with all its materialistic bonbon delights and relative safety to go off and fight in some American-God-forsaken land, in the blazing summer heat, perhaps killing someone he has never met?

Could it be that our recruit has bought and internalized the idea of separateness and specialness taught to him in school, his church, his home? Has the "We're #1" and "God bless America" mantra emblazoned on American cars from sea to shining sea, effectively lobotomizing the critical thinking area in his brain? Could sound bites from Fox News and vinyl stickers do that?

Yes. I should know as many of my family members have voluntarily submitted to having such an operation, as well as dedicating their lives to the perpetuation of the state with its attendant benefits of a healthy, regular paycheck and a shiny new car every couple of years.

But, even though the crusaders for the state mindlessly go on carrying out their duties, there is always the possibility that a chink in the armor will develop and the wearer will get wounded by the spear of truth. This is not an impossibility as I have seen it happen to some ex-Republicans who were catatonic with despair and then energized by anger when they discovered the awful reality of their state gone amuck. There is the possibility that too much is just too much, even for an arch Republican.

Millions today are beginning to question the official story of 9/11 and for good reason; the evidence indicates that it is an inside job (see and If the official story of 9/11 is a lie than that means everything else is too -- including Al Queda, the "War on Terror", as well as the need for permanent war.

Like in Orwell's book "1984" the rulers of state are asking you to buy a falsehood, one that any truly free and brave people would reject immediately if they were truly such. Will we be condemned to forever be trapped by this need to be special and different, even if the reprecussions of such conceit mean that one could swallow the idea that it is okay destroy people by truck bombs, white phosphorus, and the genocidal use of depleted uranium?

Here's my wish for humanity: please wake up and see how the lies that your leaders tell you are justifying acts that go against all moral and ethical boundaries as well as destroying the bonds that connects us to all life on this planet. The shamans in the mountains who take ayahuasca supposedly can see the relationship of all living things. Why can't we? And, if we don't try, we will be forever capable of more heinous acts against life on this planet -- after all, those deformed and bloodied fetuses created by exposure to U.S. bombs filled with depleted uranium are part of you; that is your genetic code that you are allowing the Stangeloving masters to fuck with. You can deny this by saying that you are not responsible for what crazed leadership is doing in your name, but if you continue to fork over tax dollars to them, you are complicit.

Don't be complicit. Let's stop supporting the system that is creating an unlivable world for humanity through the use of fear and division. All of us need to take action, not only by writing blogs, but also by getting out in the streets and educating others (go to and buy some 9/11 cards or make your own and hand them out) and participate in the eleventh of the month Truth events that are happening all over the country (go to for more information). And, if you can, stop paying taxes as it just encourages them.

(Above art: "The Encuentro", by the Ecuadorian artist Jaime Zapata depicting the world views of the Indiginious native and the conquistador. For a larger image see