Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another F**king New Year of Insanity

Imagine this scenario: an angry Mexican mobster is angry at a gringo drug dealer living in El Paso who has intercepted his mules carrying 10 kilos of cocaine. In his anger he shoots a grenade launcher across the Mexico border in the general vicinity of the gringo and kills an innocent bystander instead. The U.S. government is outraged by the attack, and, even though they don't know who fired the grenade, they claim they have the right to protect its citizens. They unleash over 500 bombing sorties against various targets in Juarez, Mexico. Over 400 people are killed and 2,000 injured from the bombings. None of them had anything to do with the grenade launching.

Just think about how absurd such an action would be, and, just think of the outrage that would be generated from such a crime. Absolutely nobody in their right mind would ever say this was a "just response." Nobody, except Israel and their lapdog, the United States government, of course.

Today, Israel targeted and killed Hama's leader, 49-year-old Nizar Rayan, and 11 others including two of his wives and four of his children by dropping a one-ton bomb on Rayan's house.

According to AP writers Ibraham Barzak and Amy Teibel "Israel has made clear that no one in Hamas is immune in this offensive, and the strike that flattened Rayan's apartment building in the northern town of Jebaliya drove that message home."

-- Israel kills top Hamas figure, escalating campaign

Rayan's children and wives are fair targets for extermination because the Israelis have said they are. It doesn't matter whether or not Rayan and his wife and children fired the shots that killed the three Israelis civilians and one soldier in the recent conflict. Most likely they did not. They are slated to die of collective punishment because of guilt by association, just like the other 400 or so Palestinians that died on Christmas and the New Year.

So, while Americans were tooting their horns in their blue Nivea Dr. Suess hats in Time Square this new year, children in Palestine were dying in their beds. Think about that.

Another fucking New Year of insanity.