Thursday, July 10, 2008

Olbermann's message to Obama on FISA legislation

Keith Olbermann hits the nail right on the head by pointing out the recent FISA legislation's loophole, legislation that Barack Obama voted for. I turns out that there is no criminal immunity written in the legislation for the "criminals" themselves, i.e., Bush and gang, just liability from civil prosecution.

Will Obama take up the challenge of truly protecting the constitution and our rights by pursuing criminal prosecutions in the future? This is the question Olbermann poses. I think I know that answer to that question... but one can fantasize.

Also, in this video Olbermann spells out the lie that the administration protected us from terrorism by reminding us just who was in charge on 9/11. By stating the forbidden truth and giving Americans real news and commentary, Olbermann is showing himself to be one of the most courageous voices in broadcast news. Peabody anyone?

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